Free Mini Proxy List Widget For Your Website Or Blog

Add A Mini Proxy List To Your Website Or Blog With Our Free Widget

Our free proxy list widget will put a proxy list on your website or blog, your visitors will appreciate it. It's updated automatically as new proxies are added (or removed) and will keep your site visitors up to date with the latest new web proxies. It will show the most recent 50 proxies, newest at the top.

You can put our proxy list widget on your website using the following code:

Our widget will look like this:

We also do one in black now too, for the 'darker' themed sites, the code for that is:

If you wish to use the older version of our list, just like the one on our home page,
(it's resizable, alter width="x" & height="x", x= size in pixels) then use this code:


Quick FAQ:
Question: "How do I use this mini proxy list widget on my website or blog?"
Answer: You copy the code and paste it into your webpage. If you click in the box with the code in it will highlight it all. Then copy (CTRL + "C" or Right Mouse Click & 'Copy'), this will store the code in the clipboard. Then open the webpage you want the code in with your preferred editor, and paste the code (CTRL + "V" or Right Click & 'Paste') into the part of the page you want it to appear and 'Save'. Then upload the page to your website with your preferred ftp client. If you're putting it on your blog then log into the admin area and edit the appropriate page (or post) and paste the code there, then 'Save'. The mini proxy list will then appear the next time you re-load or refresh the page. J.D. :)