Our Submission Requirements Explained For Proxy Submitters

Proxy Submission Requirements Explained In More Detail

We do have some basic requirements that proxies should comply with before submission to this listing site. This is purely and simply to help ensure some sort of quality in the proxy sites listed. If you do have trouble listing a proxy and you're unsure why then contact us and we will look into it. It could be because dns management is being used or some banned code is commented out, so not used but still there. We do have some spammers that try to list all kinds of garbage so we try to keep them out, not genuine proxy listers. This site is run by humans, so mistakes can and do happen. The main requirements are listed below with a brief explanation, just so you know that there are good reasons (and good intentions) behind these requirements. Also see our Terms of Use.

Submission requirements:
1: Only submit working web proxy sites please, no lists, blogs, themes, or any other type of sites.
This is because we are a web proxy listing site, so we only list web proxies. If you have another site you want to see on here then use the contact page to either ask for a link exchange or buy advertising space. We are open to all reasonable offers, just ask!

2: All submitted proxies should work with ALL major web browsers, no exceptions or exclusions.
Some proxy users don't have a choice of browser, especially those at work/school/college/libraries etc. because the computers they use aren't their own, so they're stuck with whatever is provided. They still want to use proxies and they may still click the ads, so it makes them valuable regardless of the browser used, as long as it's for legal uses of course, please don't discriminate.

3: Do not submit url's that use iframes or re-direct to another site (except for country blocking).
By their very nature proxies get blocked by filters and firewalls. If an old proxy is re-used, in an iframe or redirected, then it's already likely to be blocked, new domain or not, making it useless. Some proxy owners redirect so called 'bad traffic' from countries who's ad revenue is little or non existent, or are known to abuse resources (using up bandwidth). Some countries are also known to harbor villains too, like spammers, phishers and other 'wrong do-ers'. Some proxy owners can and do redirect those countries using maxmind.com's GeoIP, the better proxy hosts have it as part of their hosting packages. This IS acceptable, but not compulsory of course.

4: Do not submit proxies with no visible 'browse' box (i.e. hidden, covered or needs enabling).
So why hide the very part of the site that's the useful bit? There's no point unless you want to fool the potential users into trying to surf through a search box instead, or hoping they'll click ads. Some proxy themes have mis-placed ads that's the wrong size covering the browse box, others have a 'click here to surf' button or link to another page or site, none of these types will be accepted, sorry.

5: Do not submit proxies with any adult ads, adult content or links to adult sites anywhere on them.
This is a big no-no. Proxies are used mostly by office workers and kids, and they're usually at work or school so no type of adult ad is acceptable anywhere on a proxy. Some people do surf adult sites using proxies but not all, so let's keep it family friendly and work safe, OK!

6: Do not submit proxies using unsuitable hosting (i.e. shared hosting, GoDaddy, Dreamhost,
    Hostgator etc.), use only genuine proxy hosting or vps/dedicated servers.

Most hosting companies and providers don't allow web proxies because they can use too many system resources and that affects their other customers. They can be a real drain at busy times and they will be stopped when found by hosts (and they're not hard to spot). Proxy hosting is cheap enough these days and can be had for just a few dollars, or even free, so there's no need to use unsuitable hosting, it's too unreliable and will fail sooner rather than later.

7: Select the correct category for submission, some visitors look for specific proxy types.
This one's self explanatory, some proxy types are better suited to specific uses than others. Some proxy users like to have the choice and it should be categorized correctly.

8: Free domains - .co.cc, .co.tv & .tk - etc. - are currently NOT accepted, sorry.
We don't accept these free domains because they're the most unreliable and 'spammy' proxies, at least in my experience anyway. They're the disposable, throw away ones and are best avoided imho. If someone has paid for a 'proper' domain name then they're more likely to look after it, even the two dollar dot info's. I've seen too many proxy lists flooded with free domains, all with little or no hits, and it pushes all the other tld's off the list. Who wants to scroll through page after page of garbage to find a good proxy? Not me that's for sure, and I don't want my list going that way either. Not all free domains are bad by any means, just an awful lot, and too many to check individually.