Frequently Asked Questions About Web Proxies

The Most Popular Proxy Questions Answered

Q: Are these sites legal to use?
Yes, of course, at least in most of the world. Some countries like China and Iran forbid their use, some other countries try to stop them being used, but unless you're in those countries they're perfectly legal to use so don't worry. Those countries (and some others) try to block certain websites, and proxies get around the blocks so they want to block the proxies too. If you're in the 'West' then you've absolutely nothing to worry about when using them, in fact they make your browsing safer in most instances. If you're not sure then check with your local authorities first.

Q: Can I use them at work? Or school?
You can but don't get caught, you could get into trouble and even lose your internet access altogether (usual case). At best you'll be reprimanded at worst you could lose your job (that can really happen) so be careful, if you must use them do it discretely, and in break times. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble just because you wanted to do a bit of web browsing. It's best to wait until you get home, to be on the safe side.

Q: Are they safe to use?
Yes if you use them for 'normal' browsing. You should avoid going to sites where you have to enter personal info though, some proxies offer a secure connection (https://...) but most don't so it pays to be cautious, as it does with any web browsing, but you can't be sure just who is logging your visits if the truth be told so be careful! You should avoid using proxies for the 'personal finance' type sites that need you to login, they'll usually track your IP address and if you use a different one from normal they may question it and it could cause you problems. They might think someone else is gaining access to your account and take action to stop it.

Q: Can I go to any website using these proxies?
Mostly yes. Some websites might not work as well, some sites may work alright if you go to the 'lite' or 'mobile' version where available, you'll have to experiment a little bit to get the best out of these proxies, but when you find what works for you, you'll know what to do for next time.

Q: I've found a non working proxy, what should I do?
In the first instance you should just select another from the list, there are hundreds to choose from so you should find one that works. Sometimes the host servers have minor problems and the proxies can be down temporarily, others may be limiting traffic by country so just try a different one. If you find a site listed here that isn't a proxy then please contact us to let me know, I might have missed it. If it's not a proxy anymore then it will be removed from the list.

Q: Why do proxy owners block certain countries?
Several reasons. 1) The advertising revenue from those countries is poor or non existant, it reduces the overall value of ad clicks. 2) Some countries like to use more than their fair share of bandwidth i.e. abuse the resources. This is uneconomical for proxy owners as bandwidth can cost. If the service is being used by low paying countries, it means there's less resources left for higher paying ones, it's not personal, just business. And 3) Some proxy owners block countries where they're illegal to use, so helping to enforce any restrictions placed on the citizens of those countries.

Q: Can I start my own proxy website?
Of course you can, anyone can set up a proxy website, there's a wealth of info available on the subject, just do a search. It can be done on a budget, even for nothing, so doesn't have to cost, or you can spend a fortune, it all depends on the resources required and who'll use it.

Q: I have a proxy, can I list it on your site?
: You can if it's a web proxy and it complies with our terms and our requirements, just go to the Submit Proxy page and enter the details. You don't need to login now before listing.

Q: I have a question that's not listed here, what do I do?
: If you can't find your answer here then try using a search engine like google, bing, or yahoo. Failing that then contact us, I'll do my best to answer any proxy list related question or point you in the right direction at least.

For proxy owners, our Submit Proxy FAQ's