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Hello and welcome to our About Us page.

We are a Top Proxy listing site. We list web proxies that people can use to surf the internet anonymously and safely. They can also be used to bypass the filters and firewalls put in place by school boards, employers and even some governments. The sites we list can help to get around those blocks so surfers can visit the social networking, email messaging and video sites etc. while at work, school, college, university and public libraries. They can be used to surf anonymously too, they hide your real location and act as a 'tunnel' fetching and displaying the websites you want to see but not letting the websites see you, only the proxy site. This helps to keep you safe and free from tracking by advertisers and monitoring companies. The internet can be a dangerous place, really, with all kinds on nasties lurking on some webpage's just waiting for the unsuspecting surfer to visit. Not all obviously, but some websites are set up with the sole purpose of infecting your computer with viruses and trojans, so that unscrupulous villains can take control of your computer for their own uses. Using a proxy can help to protect your online identity and freedom.

This list is maintained with a view to providing a useful, valuable service for the proxy user. We like to list quality web proxies for the benefit of everyone and all entries are checked regularly.


Brief Website History

• Site was started in September 2009, minor modifications done throughout the next year.
• December 2010 Major Update: Script changed from Proxycoder (by Xrvel) to Memebridge (atproxy) script and modified to look like the previous site, plus country flags added and login speeded up.
• 2011 (ongoing) Adding 'spammer' block codes and host bans to site admin, to keep out 'riff-raff'.
• Minor mods and tweaks in the first half of 2011 including adding proxy type to lists & ssl support.
• Second half 2011 Removing www's and trailing /'s from listings and http's from mini list widget.
• March 2012 Major Updade: Updated script to latest version and made separate submit pages, optional login/backlink plus some SEO mods done for better serps.
• July 2012 Proxy categories changed to 'Search Engine Friendly' url's and homepage layout altered.
• Still fiddling and tweaking as needed to provide the best list I can :)
• Watch this space...


A mention must go to NetBuilders and a big 'Thank you' to Will.Spencer and Nathan for this script.



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