Submit Proxy For Guests - Backlink Required (Or Login / Register)

We DO now need a backlink if you submit without logging in. You can submit without a backlink but you will have to login (or create a free account) here first. The other listing requirements still apply.

The code is this:

Submission Requirements:
1: Only submit working web proxy sites please, no lists, blogs, themes, or any other type of sites.
2: All submitted proxies should work with ALL major web browsers, no exceptions or exclusions.
3: Do not submit url's that use iframes or re-direct to another site (except for country blocking).
4: Do not submit proxies with no visible 'browse' box (i.e. hidden, covered or needs enabling).
5: Do not submit proxies with any adult ads, adult content or links to adult sites anywhere on them.
6: Do not submit proxies using unsuitable hosting (i.e. shared hosting, GoDaddy, Dreamhost,
    Hostgator etc.), use only genuine proxy hosting or vps/dedicated servers.
7: Select the correct category for submission, some visitors look for specific proxy types.
8: Free domains -, & .tk etc. or subdomains and folders are NOT accepted.
Any entries not complying with the above will not be accepted and will be removed when found.
Proxies that are changed after submission will be removed if they don't meet our requirements.
The simple requirements above are to help ensure that proxy users find only the quality web proxies that they should rightly expect to find on genuine proxy listing sites (like this one :)  - Details.

Acceptance and listing is instant and automatic (subject to the above requirements).

Your Email: (Not required if logged in. Register here)
Proxy URL: Please use 'http://' without the 'www.'
Script Type: Please select the CORRECT category.
My proxy submission meets the above requirements 

Note: SSL (secure) proxies should be entered as https://... ONLY if they are SSL (we will check).

If you have difficulty listing your proxy site for any reason then contact us with the error you received.
Having a backlink does not guarantee acceptance if other listing requirements are not met in full. Please also note that all submissions are logged and recorded, including attempted and failed ones.

For best results, we at recommend that you also submit your proxy sites to these other proxy lists as well. The more lists you submit to, the more traffic and revenue you will receive.

If you have a site, proxy related or not, and wish to do a link exchange or buy advertising space then contact us. All offers will be considered individually and genuine enquiries will be answered promptly.

Quick FAQ:
Question: "How long will my proxy be listed for?"
Answer: Forever! Well, at least until it doesn't work anymore and is removed after checking. There is no time limit with this script so it'll stay as long as it works. All proxies will be checked from time to time and any not working, expired, redirected or parked will be deleted from the database.