Fresh New Proxy Sites For 2020 From Top Proxy List .net

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The new proxy sites are listed here, at the top. These are the freshest and the least likely to be blocked. Older proxies can also be found here by going to the bottom of the list and selecting other page numbers, the higher the page number the older the proxies. Don't forget to share us!

 New Proxy Sites Type Speed Country Hits Age
Glype 374 8 years
Glype 390 8 years
PHProxy 467 8 years
Glype 460 8 years
Glype 727 8 years
Glype 430 8 years
PHProxy 552 8 years
Glype 504 8 years
Glype 548 8 years
Glype 521 8 years
Glype 782 9 years
Glype 911 9 years
Other 1766 9 years
Other 1624 9 years
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Quick FAQ:
Question: "Are the new proxies any better?"
Answer: If the old ones keep getting blocked, like at school or work, then yes. New proxies are less likely to be blocked just yet although they will be sooner or later by the filtering companies. If you're just surfing at home then not necessarily. The Top Proxies might be a better choice for home use.